Wedding Diaries :)

(Yes I know this post is a bit late in coming...pretty much like everything else I'm doing lately; but anyway here it is...)

In less than 2 weeks from now; I find myself in that special place where all things look wonderful, a dreamy time that really should come once in everyone's lives, when the greatest joy of all is that of sharing your life with a very special person.

And for me, that special time comes on the 7th of Febuary 2010, when Thayyuba and I take each other hand-in-hand, and mark the beginning of a new life together, in the most beautiful relationship life has to offer.

Yes, I am getting married :)

I'll be leaving from Frankfurt in about three days, and hope to reach Chennai in good spirits (I also upgraded to business class to take better advantage of my 8hr transit in Dubai – those miles have finally paid off!) and all I can say is:
I'm excited.
Really excited.

So excited in fact, that I really haven’t been able to concentrate on work for a while. Or anything else for that matter either, except the occasional song and humming that seems to find its way for no reason at all.
Those of you already married or in love probably know exactly what I’m talking about…but in case you’re one of those lonely souls who has not – I can only say that this is something no one can truly do justice to in words.

You just have to live it!

I guess its fair game to state that
The Square Circle will not be active for a while…at least not until I get back to work in the first week of March; so I just wanna thank you for being a part of my life, for relishing my blog and for commenting on it.

Please do join in our celebrations, and pray for us, for the day when two lives become one.


Jaffer said...

Sniff :')
بارك الله لك، وبارك عليك، وجمع بينكما في خير

(Your Guestbook does not like Arabic so I had to post it here)

A New Beginning said...

Ah HA!! CONGRATULATIONS!!You know I had a big smile while I was reading your post :) Well my duas are with you, May Allah Bless you and your family with a beautiful life ahead!!Inshallah.
Do remember all of us in your prayers coz its true that when we are very happy we do pray with all our heart!!
Take care and enjoy your wedding!!
All the Best!!
The Square Circle would be a journey of two pwople from now on :)Good Luck!

A New Beginning said...

Woo you have a site for your wedding:) cool, this feels like a dream!!! Keep up!!!

Intern said...

wowie :D Masha allah :)
you know, when you mentioned/hinted first that you were gonna get married.. my mind went "about time!!"
And now that the date is nearing... I can kind of imagine how excited you may be. A friend got married a cple of days back.. she was cmpletely not herself as her big day neared.. :D

Congratulations again :) Have a lovely wedding. May Allah shower his blessing on u 2 :)

And please do come back to blogging :P. My tag aint filled yet :P

Intern said...

frgt to mention this b4, bt i was actually lookin frwrd to know how you 2 came to know each other.. :P and
even aranged marriages have a charm of their own.. dont they :p hehehe

Anonymous said...

As shimmer said, I was looking forward to a 'how you know each other' post and this is really a surprise bro..

And hey, 8 hrs transit in Dubai!! Come on!! Come to my home na.. instead of that lounge! :)

And I am so happy for you bro.. Aaah!!! I keep hearing wedding news all these months from december.. Nice nice!!

بارك الله لك، وبارك عليك، وجمع بينكما في خير

I wish you and Thayyuba a very happy Married life.

P.S. I so love your webby!!! Masha allah!

Rayees Ahamed said...

very precious moments. chill down and enjoy.

Do takecare of health. give importance to hygiene, drinking water changes, etc., Its an advice from experience :D

Dhanya said...

Finally !!! Lol... High time you came up with this post! I am getting engaged on the same day btw ;) Cheers!

Unknown said...

Yes brother... finally... you are there...
May Allah bless you both with a wonderful life ahead, showering his joys and blessings in abundance...

Manish said...

yes , i m getting married too!

Congratulation brother!! nice to see a fellow blooger friend joing the league.!

i m getting married on 11 th Feb 2010

m said...

That's wonderful news Rahman... wish u a wonderful wedding and a blissful married life...

But u know, i am not going to forgive u... if only u have got married last year, i could have bugged u for marriage treat in Germany!!!Grrrrr....

Yayathy said...

Congratulations mate. Getting married in the month of Love. How great is that.


RukmaniRam said...

um.. just curious.. you do know that it's waay past the first week of march.. right? not that there's anything wrong with it.. :P

-=A.R.N.=- said...

Thank you, every single one of you for your great comments; and sorry I didn't individually acknowledge (or do it sooner).

Even though I never wrote anything back, I want you to know it made my day each time I saw a new comment here.
Thanks for being a part of my life!!