All-in-one bricks, anyone?

When the humble cellphone was first invented, its mission was simple: make and receive calls on the move. And move, mind you, meant carrying a half kilo of electronics that would miraculously let you talk to anyone, anywhere.

It wasn't long before some genius figured people would rather 'write' as well and sms was born. That, and our 'progress' kept the wheels turning and pretty soon we had phones that came with clocks, calculators, rudimentary organisers, dumb games and stuff. Then came color displays. Someone put in a camera next.
FM radios.
MP3 players.
Better cameras.
Even better cameras with zoom and auto-focus.

Currently, the Nokia N93 monster stands tall at 180grams!

But honestly, do we seriously need things that do everything all at once and carry nearly quarter of a kilo (literally!) in our pockets? Guess its time we lightened things up a bit and went back to the basics...

Feminism, Liberation, and all that crap...

Around 4 decades ago, a movement started somewhere in the western world that promised to liberate women, break free from the bonds of domestic bondage and deliver them to a world where everyone was equal without discrimination.

Free from the confines of home, where women (especially in villages) were only allowed to do domestic work around the house and not allowed to venture outside. Free from forced marriages to big ugly brutes. Free to seek education and employment and compete outside in ‘the real world’. Yeah! Feminism had victory.

Some 40 odd years later, what do we see? Undeniably, there has been progress no doubt, but seriously… think about it.

>>When you check out women’s fashion vis-à-vis men’s what do we see? How many men wear see-through’s or clothes half their body size. How many shows do we have showcasing mens’ innerwear???

>>When we look at the world of music, what do we see? The most successful women musicians are only the most sexiest ones…

>>When we just talk about movie people, how many times have men been reduced to a set of figures like 36-26-36 except for maybe a bicep?

Look at advertising, why do most men’s products have provocative women on them?
Look at entertainment, why do most magazines have sexy artistes on the cover?
Look at television, after 11pm, any channel…

Why do you think the porn grew into the multi-billion industry it is today?

The sad truth is, our friends the feminists are no nearer their goals then they were decades ago. You can say anything you want, but the fact remains that in today’s world, women are projected as worth nothing more than an object, an item of desire and use.

I guess its time we opened our eyes to the REAL cause for women…

The Qana Massacre

On the 30th of July, a group of innocent civilians who've never held a gun or hurt anyone, many of them little children, driven from their own homes for of fault of theirs, surviving on whatever was left of the rubble after their homes were destroyed, sheltered in a building in a town down in south Lebanon.

The night before when they went to sleep, little did they realize what they would wake up to..
38 Children and many others never woke up; they were blown to bits by enemy shelling targeted at A BUILDING FULL OF CIVILIANS!!!!!

Now the 'talks' are on, 'roadmaps' to a 'ceasefire' are being discussed at great length and breadth. But who will pay for the life of 38 10 year-olds who never got to see an eleventh birthday?

Eye for an eye...

A few weeks back, a bunch of morons kidnapped (or whatever) Israeli soldiers from Lebanon. And before you know it, the whole nation was up in arms, waging a bloody war.

Who loses? Not Israeli Army...Not Hizbollah...certainly not the United States. Innocent civilians whose only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Everyone can fire all the rockets or grenades or whatever they want at all the 'terrorists' they know... but who dies is an all-together different story.

10 year olds needn't have to die for that....

UN - Are You Listening?????

Lincoln Park. I beg your pardon?

When this international band was first formed, it had (like every other brand that sought to establish itself) problems with what to call itself. That’s when Chester Bennington, who forms vocals for LP along with Mike Shinoda, suggested that they call themselves Lincoln Park because Bennington used to drive by a Lincoln Park on the way to the recording studio everyday.

This, he thought, would establish the band at the street level. Unfortunately for him, the domain was already taken and they couldn’t afford to buy it. So they decided to change the spelling and sure enough was available.

The rest is history…

Dead by the beach

On a lovely sunny Friday morning on the 9th of June, 2006 a Palestinian family went on a picnic to the beach. They had nice food and games planned for the day. What they didn't plan on was ending up dead.

Dad and the kids were playing by the sea when all of a sudden a huge blast rocked the golden sands. For some of the kids, it was the last thing they ever heard. Mom rushed over in a frenzy as her entire family fell around her dead or dying. Coast gaurd and other people rushed in to help but it was alreadt too late for 3 of her children. Dad and rest of the people injured were rushed to nearby hospitals; aid poured in from other poeple around; but the damage was done. Official sources put the toll at 7, including 3 children; but of course, we know how 'official' figures are done. More than 35 people ended up in hospitals, many were children.

Some people recover, some die, some lose entire families in an instant, some get killed on their way to school; or work, or simply sitting at home doing nothing. The international community 'condemns' this; Israeli Army 'investigates' this; the United Nations ignore.

Life goes on...