…And we’re back!

Yes, this blog is still alive.
And yes, I did get married. In fact, three days ago on 7th, it’s actually been TWO whole months since I tied the proverbial knot and started to share my otherwise bland life, with that one special person who adds joy and color to everything I do.
And it continues to amaze me with every passing day…

Firstly, I would like to thank you, the reader, every single person who kept coming back to The Square Circle months after it was, so to speak, down. And I’m sorry I didn’t keep up my promise of getting “back in the first week of March” (yes I did realize that thank you very much!) or even acknowledge comments. The thing is, I wanted to eagerly write a post just weeks into my marriage.
And then  the next one.
And another.

I don’t want to do the typical I-am-married-therefore-I-have-no-time thing every other guy I know does and blame my lack of blogability on my marriage or anything. I’ll admit it: I goofed up. I have no excuses.

Truth is, I have at least 6 unfinished drafts in my Open folder. I’ll get to them (and backlink them when I’m done) as soon as possible. In no particular order, they are approximately about:

~Wedding and on being married.
~My home town of Cuddalore.
~Why we love hot weather.
~How to spot Indians in Frankfurt.
~Behind a bad video game.

…and other random topics of no particular interest.

I’ll get to them as soon as I can. I know its all been a long time in coming; but all I can do now is assure you:

The Square Circle is back in the game.
Play on.


A New Beginning said...

Welcome back!!Hope to see the new posts on your list :)

Rayees Ahamed said...

vanga vanga,

eager to read "behind a bad..."

-=A.R.N.=- said...

Hope I get to them soon.

Hmm, that among my more random posts..

Dhanya said...

Bring on the first post in ur list :D I wanna know. I WANNA KNOW :D

Issam said...

welcome back brother... been a long long time.. looking forward more from the 'square circle.'

-=A.R.N.=- said...

Don't worry...I'll get to it soon.
And congrats!


Shimmer said...

welcome back :)

Cva said...

Welcome back!!

am waiting to read,
"How to spot Indians in Frankfurt" hope it is witty as you do

Anonymous said...

I am late!!!!