A "loner" strikes again!

I don’t mean to be insensitive, but all I can say is – Yup, there it is again.
For those of you wondering what’s this all about, here’s an insight. Yesterday, on the 7th of November an 18 year old ‘gunman’ walked in and opened fire in an otherwise quiet town in Finland, killing 8 people before turning the gun on himself.
And that’s not all. Further investigation revealed that at the time of his death, the guy still had over 320 bullets and lots of inflammable liquids in possession; and I bet my baloney sandwich he probably planned on using them!
Which brings to mind an important question: how does a teenager end up with around 400 bullets (by the way, each of his victims took at least two bullets) anyway?

Somehow, it feels just like just yesterday when the same thing happened at Virginia Tech University in the United States.
And once again, it’s the same story all over again; the kid was a ‘loner’, hated people, was bullied at school, and somehow figured out a way to end it all.
And just like the last time, people light candles, flags fly at half-mast, news channels go into overdrive, and in two weeks everything will be forgotten and back to normal.

And once again; NO ONE called him a terrorist!

Almost makes me wonder who the hell a terrorist is exactly. Does it really take a middle-eastern-looking guy wearing a turban and waving an AK-47 to be called a terrorist? Or would you have kill people on a plane or train rather than a school to qualify as one?

I believe terrorism has no religion. And I also believe pre-planned, calculated, cold-blooded mass murder of innocent school-children amounts to terror.

It’s about time we did away with the stereotypes, and called a terrorist a terrorist; loner or not!


Jaffer said...

Very nice design ! Your blog now
looks more current !

Yes it's quite mesmerising that this could happen even in a small town in Finland.

Comming back to your point - unfortunately, this is how the world works !
A term is coined and it sticks !

The Bush administration has been very successful at coining new terms no one has ever heard before, and aggressively marketing them for fear-mongering.

And unfortunately "terrorist" has now become a term for any brownskinned person with a beard/hijab.

The IRA will be remembered as the the IRA. The Front de Lebaration du Quebec will be rememembered as extremists. The LTTE as Tamil Tigers. The Kahinists as hardliners.

Remember that very polite and helpful professor but a majority hated "him" because the "course" he taught was too hard ?

PK said...

Terrorism according to me is an act which goes on to create terror in the minds of people surviving such an attack. Up till here, what you said is ok, but the motive involved in such act and the effort invested in planning makes the final difference. So, a single student acting out of sheer frustration and lack of psychological support from the family and peer group does not amount to terrorism.

Mannu said...

True, the world is beginning to associate the word terrorist with a certain group and country. Perhaps because unlike the case of this loner , who does it for a very personal reason, the more common public killer,aka terrorist, is turning out to be one who is often Unemployed, given some one and a half years of training at a training camp located in some country, is 'indoctrined' and 'self-identified' by repeated showing of some inagreeable acts of massarce, like the Gujrat riots, to cuntinue the same even when he has no direct connection except that of sharing a common religion,(not even the country) with victim community, given his AK47s, bombs, food material, recee, maps, -dropped on action scene- by a naval ship Al-Hussaini- of cartain country-- and then lashes out to some 200 people indiscrimately.!!
Actaully the loner of your story is also aterroirst only, but the above starking differences, which have become a common occurances now, have made a loner a loner, and terrorists as the terrorists.