Ground Zero

Call me naïve, gullible or just plain childish.
But I guess it’s a special moment, in its own crazy way, when you see the thermometer hit home base at zero degrees just outside your house. Of course people who’ve lived in cold places before, can laugh out about this, but for the rest of us hot-heads who’re used to around 40 degrees (yes we are talking Celsius) in the tropics of Southern India or the Middle East; we don’t exactly find this…er…cool.

And, I am told, this is just the beginning. Hell, we haven’t even seen snowfall yet. And I’m not exactly looking forward to it. But from the looks of it, we have a long way to go…


Jaffer said...

On my dad's first visit to Canada, I took him and my bro outside when it was -28 C

Trust me - you must look forward to the first snow fall. Its one of the most beautiful things you'll see !

rahman said...

Dude, I guess its warmer in the deep freeze!

Jaffer said...

Yea winters can get brutal in Canada. -28C is the extreme end of the thermometer in Southern Ontario.

Right now its -5C and quite dry !

I don't know about the climate in Germany but do keep us posted !

A wo(a)ndering mind said...

ye!! tell be about it!! winter sucks!