Bad Hair Day

Lesson to learn:
If there’s an empty hair-salon right across the street from two more that are fully packed – there’s probably a reason why it’s empty.
And its reason enough not to go there.

Unfortunately for me, I found that out the hard way.

To start with a bit of history; I’ve always had wild hair for as long as I can remember. And because I’ve never bothered much about it, now that I look back at my high school photographs; I really had a bad mess of spikes sticking up from my head most of the time.

Actually it mostly wasn’t really my fault – at almost every place I’ve been to, I’ve been told that my hair is the type that likes to stand on end.
Back when I was living in Chennai, I once discovered this promising-looking place and walked in:

“Good evening sir, what kind of haircut would you like?” asked a rather professional-looking guy.

“Um, I don’t know…any way you can change my hair style?”

“Sure sir, would you like spikes?”

(Dude, this was something I was born with…why on earth would I want spikes again?)
“Er…no, I have a day job you see”

“Well then, how about leaving it long at the ends?”

(Say what? To cut it short was the reason I was here in the first place!) 
“No. Anything else?”

“Sorry sir, your hair is kinda – “

“Yeah, I know. Just give me a regular haircut, okay?”

Anyway, that was two years ago, and I’ve learnt to live with my unique hair-ability and not to mess too much with it since then. And getting to the present, at the regular place where I now go to, I opt for the ‘normal’ cut (because for some strange reason, a “short” translates to getting your head shaved!) and hope that the guy understands a couple of words in English so I can tell him when to stop.

The place I went to today however, had a rather severe-looking guy; ran the machine though my head like a lawn-mower, taking too much off the sides, and then gives me this weird look that says,
“Gee it looks fine on this side, but somehow kind of different on the other.”

And as I sit in my room typing all this, my hair currently looks like a fuzz ball that’s just been through a blow dryer in a car wash.

And despite my efforts with tubes of gel; this is probably something that only time will heal.


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, nice humour!

Which kind of hair do you like? I prefer very long hair and go for a cut once in every six months(!).

Anonymous said...

i have never come across a day like this.. :) still found it fun to read.. hope you get back to your best-hair day soon :)

Rayees Ahamed said...

plz upload a snap :)

Btw. Is it in India´s salon he said "good evening" and all ?

-=A.R.N.=- said...

Na...I'd end up looking unhuman if I go without a haircut for 6months.
Btw, haven't seen you around in a while?

thx. And btw, my "best hair day" may never come judging by what I have.

Pic? No way!

Hmmm, not sure if he actually said "good evening", but I do remember this was a real fancy place. Of course, this was after I had a job and could afford such places!

Mohammed Musthafa said...

i agree with rayees... a pic wud've added to the humour! still...wait for a couple weeks...and u wont be visiting tht saloon anytime soon i guess!

Ela said...

Ooops...that reminds me my (or rather my brother's?!) adventure once with my brother's hair..i tried to go Gandhian way by trying to cut his hair and he was very young at that time so trusted his hair with me completely without a question...after that my dad did the embarrassing job of taking him to a pro who went mad looking at the work on my bro's head and somehow tried to correct it...these days his hair is off limit to me!

I mean, people so casually say "what the hair?" but it does matter, doesn't it?!

-=A.R.N.=- said...

@Mohammed Musthafa
No way I'm ever going to that saloon again.

Your poor brother!
Times like this i'm happy I don't have an elder sis

Rayees Ahamed said...

@Ela, hair cut in Gandhian way means Mottaiyaa ??

Ela said...

@Rahman....hmmmm...u really don't know what all u miss without an elder sis!

@Rayees...Gandhian way means not using the labor of other people...i think i read Gandhi's biography when i was in my 5th or 6 th the experimenting started little bit too early, of course always with a disastraous outcome! anyway finally my bro ended up with a perfect Gandhian hair style!

vignesh said...

pls send your latest photo very eager to see u in the new haircut.....

-=A.R.N.=- said...


Chancea illae! :)
btw, getting better now though

A wo(a)ndering mind said...

hahaha.. hope time has done a good job healing

-=A.R.N.=- said...

Yeah...much better now!