A phone through the spin cycle

In case you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like for a mobile phone to go around in a washing machine…
…I can tell you: they DO NOT like it.

And I found that out the hard way this evening after I stuffed my laundry into the washer, turned it on, and then three cycles later discovered that I forgot the phone in my jeans.

And needless to say; it died a sad, wet death under layers of suds and fabric softener; and I’m still mourning over the loss of my poor Nokia 6230i.
May she rest in peace.

Now moving on and getting to the realities of the situation; I still have another phone – a clammy old one from work; and I’m not missing a lot of phone numbers because the only people who call me are either from work or concerning work; and I already have their numbers on Outlook.

The biggest loss for me though, was all my data that it took along with it. I had a list of all passwords I use for pretty much everything online; I’ve marked important dates on the calendar; scribbled in a bunch of notes; even put in a little to-do list for the week.
All of which I don’t have anymore.

In a way it kinda freaks me out because it draws us to realize how so very much we are dependent on these little electronics which you can lose at any time.
I mean, when my laptop died last year (yeah, this evening wasn’t the first time I lost data to gadget hell) I was absolutely lost because that is where I had almost every aspect of my online life; from Email to documents, pictures, contacts, videos…pretty much everything.

And in a way it teaches you too; it was only after that mishap that I realized you should never stash data all in one place; and that it’s important to take regular backups. And that you should always keep written copies of passwords.

But I guess no matter how prepared you are, nothing prepares you for that one sudden moment when it all turns black; and you realize its all over.

Just like our own lives.


Anonymous said...

I agree with human beings completely dependent on machines. A few days ago, I just pressed a wrong button from my keyboard and my blog was deleted!

Machines are very useful, but when a good operator (not like myself) is using it.

Are you buying a new phone now?

Anonymous said...

ouch loosing all that data will freak me out..but i am still porcrastinating on taking a backup of all my data...

good writeup..:) and i can probably understand how it feels ..:)

-=A.R.N.=- said...


Dude, that must've been one very wrong button you pressed!
I'm thinking if I want to get a new phone...I don't need a new one (because I have a spare) but I'm still thinking on a new 9300 communicator

@the pink orchid
Its never too soon to get a backup...but like I said, you never know when you lose WHAT, so in a way its ironical to get a backup.
And thx for the award!!

Anonymous said...

you are welcome A.R.N..

hope to see more of posts coming up..you are good at it.. :D

haze said...

though u have said that it was a tragedy , i m pretty sure u wanted it die !!! so u cud get ur iphone !!! =P .....
but yea .... we are actually a lot dependent on machines now a days ... and we rarely even keep multiple back ups ... wat ever happened to the days when u had a piece of paper with ur usernames and password and other important titbits of notes in it ?!?!?
i cant even write properly due to the lack of writing in my life !!!

Anonymous said...

Wow ! I am sorry your phone died such a cruel death !
Did it have a removable memory ?

I fear forgetting my phone some place and it being in someone else's hands more !

Sometimes I hate my phone because it stores certain data some place, I cannot even see on my computer.

I never figured how to use the password feature.

Hey ! I wrote a post on a cycle too ! I know you'll love it !

Rayees Ahamed said...

Superbly written ! , Especially the ending Line ...

Life is like that, what backup have we made for the certain uncertainty ..

Like saurabh, I also clicked wrongly while playing with templates and lost all the links and contacts of my blog.

-=A.R.N.=- said...

Shh, don't give me away dude; I dont wanna blow cover that i'm planing on a shiny new 5800 soon

Yeah, the worst part was when I saw it go around the tumble cycle and the display was lit!
Btw, I just glanced at your cycle post...ah the memories of Jeddah!!
I'll get to it soon.

Thx for being the first person to see this post in the spirit I originally wrote it.
And thx for following too!

Mohammed Musthafa said...

nice post...liked the last slightly philosophical touch...

btw...jus a suggestion...u cud back up all ur emails, photos and stuff...in a gmail id. and if ur afraid of hackers...u cud use an email id tht no one but u know of...

one more thing...hw do i add ur blog to my blogroll? ur homepage url...they say...doesnt have a feed...any ideas?

-=A.R.N.=- said...

@Mohammed Musthafa
Actually, the philosophy at the end was pretty much the point; but I guess I kinda understated it.

Btw, I'm not sure why you can't get a feed...Here's the default Atom xml feed: