A New Beginning

Yes, we are finally back.
New blog, new template, on a fresh new domain. And boy am I excited.
So let’s get started right away.

Firstly, you’ll notice that this isn’t Random Thoughts anymore. To be honest, coming up with a new name and domain is the part that took the longest time because I was so comfortable with Random Thoughts.

But then I realized it wasn’t very original – there must be like a hundred sites out there with the exact same name; just try the words “random thoughts” (with the quotes) on Google, you’ll see what I mean. In fact, it took me over a week, after the design template was completed to finalize on the name to use.

Now why “The Square Circle”?
For the same reason Steve Jobs ended up with “Apple” – one week of domain hunting later I was so frustrated (did you know ALL the good domains are taken; most of which are just stupidly parked) that I started looking for something random, pretty much anything I could find and so, here we are.

Getting down to the technical side of things; my old blog (http://rahmannoor.blogspot.com/) still redirects to here. And I’m yet to import all my previous posts and setup my widgets, but I promise I’ll do this soon.

Coming to credits, this design is an adaptation of Blogy-illacrimo for BlogandWeb from DesignDisease, and I truly thank them for the wonderful template.
I say ‘adaptation’ because the original template had three columns which I didn’t like, so I changed it to just two and rewamped some of the original artwork.
There was also a whole mess of broken image links in the original template file which I had to find and upload to my own image-server; not to mention invalid xml and missing script references which I had to fix.

Btw, I’d prefer to think of this as “still in beta” (now don’t give me that look) because I tested this on a few browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome and good old IE but I guess there are still a few glitches to it.

Oh, and in case this is the first time you’ve landed on this blog, here’s a snapshot of how my original blog looked like.
(I know, lame wasn’t it?)

Do let me know what you think, and how I can take this further. After all, in the end, it’s only the readers that count!


haze said...

good one ... finally !!!

Jaffer said...

Salaam Alaykum !

I have been on a blog vacation myself - keeping away from writing reading and commenting - and I am glad I did.

But I kept in touch with all my blogging friends on Twitter.

I like the new name and the template is very cool !
Now I am only looking forward to what you will be posting because you did mention you wanted to blog better !

Good Luck with it all !

Prasanna said...

Nice beginning, at last!

Hope you'll now publish all your posts that were withheld due to this revamp!!!

Imti said...

As'salaamu alaikum!
Good Luck with your 'square-circles'.

Ela said...

Gr8 to have u back...

-=A.R.N.=- said...

Thx...and for being my first beta-tester too :)

Wa alikum as salaam!
I'd hate to break this to you, but I kinda quit twitter...full post on why, coming soon.
And thx for dropping by!

Yeah, I'm actually waiting for this to settle in, and import my content before embarking on this.

Hi da! thx...never seen your blog before.

Yo, thx! What you been upto lately?

the pink orchid said...

@A.R.N: see i wasnt wrong.. you were planning for a renovation. guess what I too renovated my blog and that too yesterday.
your blog looks cool :) the hardwork has paid off.. waiting to see you back with an amazing post soon :)

ROFLOL said...

i can sense freshness in ur blogspot
nice template:)

-=A.R.N.=- said...


thx...I'll do my posts as soon as i get back from my trip

hey dude...thx for your comments.
And welcome to The Square Circle!

the pink orchid said...

you have been awarded ARN... visit my blog.

Anonymous said...

This design is great, blue and white make a cool combination!

-=A.R.N.=- said...


Thx! :)

Mohammed Musthafa said...

i came across this template myself..but since im not a programmer like u...didnt have the luxury of editing and fixing it up..

still...kool look...btw...is this a custom domain? cuz i dont see the .blogspot.com...

-=A.R.N.=- said...

@Mohammed Musthafa
(I guess more and more ppl are starting to believe I can actually program :)

Yup, this is a custom domain; can't believe how cheap they come actually. The only problem is finding one that isn't already taken