Calling all "bimbos"

Yes, you heard right…and don’t be offended by the choice of words here. That is exactly what a new website is calling for – to compete for the world’s hottest ‘bimbo’.

For those of you who came in late, I’m talking about the latest addictions to spring up on the net, this time with a sizable amount of protest against it: the Miss Bimbo contest.

Created by two London-based entrepreneurs, the game encourages young girls to select an avatar, accessorize them with sexy outfits and crash diets to compete against other real people to be crowned the world’s hottest bimbo.
And if you thought that was crazy; check out some of the details: you not only select outfits and stuff (most of which by the way are some forms of lingerie), you also get to give your avatar breast implants and face-lifts; even hook up with a billionaire.

And why is everyone complaining? Because apparently the site attracts a lot of nine-year olds. And it’s only okay to think this is alright if you’re over 18.

Which makes me wonder on where their moral standards are headed…
Is this game okay for ‘above 18s’
…to think appearances, sexuality and money are the only things in life that matter?
…to worship celebrities and their less-than-pathetic lifestyles just because they’re famous?
…for craving to be famous and loved to be more important than anything else?

Its funny you know…when religion said the same thing about modesty, the world called us backward.
When TV soaps and magazines are full of glamour and sex; that’s liberation.
Yet when some poor weirdo on the internet tries to cash in on this, all of a sudden it becomes offensive.

I don’t blame them; I blame the culture that feeds this trash… and sets a double standard later.


Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum,

Very well written brother..Even before ages, women were treated no less than commodities, it is only that now things are getting worse. And these ladies who have pledged their brains for seeking attention, will never understand that they are considered as objects and toys and not as 'beings'.

Praises be to the Almighty who has commanded us to preserve our modesty and chastity.

Anonymous said...

My blog was offline a couple of weeks. I am sorry for the late reply because you were marked as spam ! (Probably due to the e-mail address)

I agree with your article all the way.

A wo(a)ndering mind said...

I'm sorry that I'm so totally unaware of this that I'm not in a position to comment.. So the young girls create avatars? like do these things to themselves?! man!!... seriously.. this is stupid.. people do anything for money?!

rahman said...

@the victorious
Can't agree with you more!

No problem.
Btw, I only use the ID on comments and stuff.
Helps keep spam outta my actual Email :D

@a wo(a)ndering ming
Its no big deal; just another stupid fame-game on the net like the zillions of others.
The idea was, if you can't be hot, at least pretend to be hot.
How low can things go?