All-in-one bricks, anyone?

When the humble cellphone was first invented, its mission was simple: make and receive calls on the move. And move, mind you, meant carrying a half kilo of electronics that would miraculously let you talk to anyone, anywhere.

It wasn't long before some genius figured people would rather 'write' as well and sms was born. That, and our 'progress' kept the wheels turning and pretty soon we had phones that came with clocks, calculators, rudimentary organisers, dumb games and stuff. Then came color displays. Someone put in a camera next.
FM radios.
MP3 players.
Better cameras.
Even better cameras with zoom and auto-focus.

Currently, the Nokia N93 monster stands tall at 180grams!

But honestly, do we seriously need things that do everything all at once and carry nearly quarter of a kilo (literally!) in our pockets? Guess its time we lightened things up a bit and went back to the basics...