Feminism, Liberation, and all that crap...

Around 4 decades ago, a movement started somewhere in the western world that promised to liberate women, break free from the bonds of domestic bondage and deliver them to a world where everyone was equal without discrimination.

Free from the confines of home, where women (especially in villages) were only allowed to do domestic work around the house and not allowed to venture outside. Free from forced marriages to big ugly brutes. Free to seek education and employment and compete outside in ‘the real world’. Yeah! Feminism had victory.

Some 40 odd years later, what do we see? Undeniably, there has been progress no doubt, but seriously… think about it.

>>When you check out women’s fashion vis-à-vis men’s what do we see? How many men wear see-through’s or clothes half their body size. How many shows do we have showcasing mens’ innerwear???

>>When we look at the world of music, what do we see? The most successful women musicians are only the most sexiest ones…

>>When we just talk about movie people, how many times have men been reduced to a set of figures like 36-26-36 except for maybe a bicep?

Look at advertising, why do most men’s products have provocative women on them?
Look at entertainment, why do most magazines have sexy artistes on the cover?
Look at television, after 11pm, any channel…

Why do you think the porn grew into the multi-billion industry it is today?

The sad truth is, our friends the feminists are no nearer their goals then they were decades ago. You can say anything you want, but the fact remains that in today’s world, women are projected as worth nothing more than an object, an item of desire and use.

I guess its time we opened our eyes to the REAL cause for women…