Plane fear

Okay, I'll admit it: flying totally freaks me out.

Now given the fact that I do work for an airline company, hating planes isn't exactly helping my career. But while I'm not nervous about messing around with other peoples' flights, for some reason every time I'm at the airport I get butterflies in my stomach, my pulse starts to race, and I start to get anxious.

Airports are taunting, cold, mean places where no one can be trusted (would you rather watch over that loose bundle while that guy in the shabby jeans goes to the washroom?) and anyone can be a suspect.
The way airport security checks, rechecks and triple-checks everyone’s baggage, its as if anyone could be a possible attacker planning to blow up the next plane. 
And that’s not a comforting thought when you’re waiting in line.

And then there is more:
Since this whole Swine-fluenza started, anyone who so much as sneezes or coughs becomes the target of everyone’s attention and discreet avoidance.
In case you’re wondering – yes, it IS still a big deal, at least at airports. Back in April (when the whole thing started) I was on my way to Munich when I see a guy at the boarding terminal wearing a surgical facemask and holding a passport that boldly declared “Mexico”.
Understandably, there wasn’t a soul within 10meters of him in every direction.

It doesn’t end there. While I’m inside the plane, every time the flight attendant passes the meal tray over my head to the next passenger, I have this morbid fear of the tray slipping off her hand and falling on me.
And with good reason: it has happened to me.

Somehow, economy class food-trays are so designed that they hold stuff in exactly one arrangement: the way it is when you first get it. Any other arrangement and you know the fork’s gonna fall over the salad bowl which then tips over that piece of rehydrated chicken that lands on your lap and all of hell breaks loose as you try to retrieve the fork, causing the little cup of juice to spill over the passenger next to you!

Ah, the joys of air travel…


Yayathy said...

Ah I enjoyed this mate. You started with the fear and ended it with a joy. But the happenings at the airport, we just cant do anything about it...


A New Beginning said...

lol!thats some fear indeed :) But apart from the fear factor theres a fact about flights..travelling by plane is really boring...but anyways all the very best for the next journey...:)

Shimmer said...


i hate the secutiy checks.. once i had to take off my watch, bracelet,earings, shoes.. and still that darn mtellic fram made noise. finally i figured it might be the safety pin on my head scarf, and it was!!

it was such an awkward situation :(

i truly dislike the airplane atmosphere, it kinda gives a nauseous feeling.. it starts as soon as i enter the plane.. not nice :(

-=A.R.N.=- said...

Well, its still not a 'joy' when your juice spills...but I guess it's better than having it spill over yourself

I don't really find it that boring - most long distance flights have inflight entertainment...I usually end up watching a cartoon or two on it.
The only problem is the cramped economy seats...I wonder if I shld upgrade to business

I hate security checks many stupid formalities.

Rayees Ahamed said...

Air hostess spilled over you :D. which Airlines baa ?

Security Check: Even Dr. Kalam was frisked. Once a I had to face a weired experience, I took my wife to Satyam theater, she was wearing a Burqa, those guys didn´t check me, but asked her to go through the security check and frisked her.

Common, burqa laden lady is not gonna hijack the theater and crush LIC down.

A New Beginning said...

@Rayees, you know burqa is not the problem, the problem is that people have mis used it so many times that now they are eyed with suspicion.Even stars have used it to hide their themselves from the public eye..God! they need a life!
@ARN,upgradation is great any time...we'll look forward to a business class non tray spilling story next :)

-=A.R.N.=- said...

It was Emirates on my last trip.
And also once on Air India when I was a kid.

And the problem is not the burka or the image...its a paranoia that ppl have somehow developed that anyone in a beard or turban will bomb a plane.

Actually I was lucky enough to get a (free!) upgrade to business class once...and yes their trays don't spill because a) the seats are wide enough and b) they don't hand out food to everyone at the same get personal attention

Dhanya said...

I am not exactly fond of travelling by plane either! :| Trains are much better any day :D

-=A.R.N.=- said...

Yeah, the only problem is you can't travel overseas on a train.

Of course, the other alternative is to take a cruise...but I don't think most of us have that much time.

SindhuBhairavi said...

yes i too am scaared.. thinking if it will be my last trip.. :) everytime i travel with family.. so i used to pray "god , my kid is with me.. so dont let the plane crash"! lasttime i was travelling alone and was very happy to board the flight caz i was alone and if the crashes i dont have to see my kid die! and then i was seated very brave and told god.. ok.. this time if something happens i wont complain.. and then suddenly there was a lot of turbulance.. i was SOOOOOO SCARED... i told God .. hey i was joking.. stop all this!! my kid is too small.. i need to take care of her!

your way of description is truly good.. it says about fear but it truly made me smile...

-=A.R.N.=- said...

@Sindhu kinda spooked me for a second there.

Issam said...

Lolz bro... That was funny... somethings just happen the way we expect it though not in our best interest :P... what is that theory - murphy's is it :D

Insignia said...

My first flight journey - what do I say. Prior to my first flight experience - I watched Air Crash Investigations on NatGeo for whole 3 months.

Do I need to say more on what all I went through during my journey?

-=A.R.N.=- said...


Yeah, I remember my last holiday trip...I had two cameras and a PSP in my cabin baggage and it set off alarms in the security check.
My roomie (who also carries electronics) never had this problem.
Murphy's Law, it is.

NatGeo air crash shows aren't exactly the 'reccommended-to-watch' before getting on a plane

Sheeraz Ahamed Khateeb said...

Dude you are nothing when compared to a guy from usa, whom i forcefully met in Hyderabad airport..

I was holding an islamic book... This idiot was constantly monitoring me, to the worst u know what happened... after i checked in baggage.. i didn't go to security check, instead i sat and continued reading book in check-in area.. this guy came and asked me with weird look.. where is ur bag, which u had in hand... ??... wat should i have felt???

i said shak .. shak... wat the F**K!!!

Your meal this is too gud!!! i love that!!!

Mohammed Musthafa said...

Liked the last paragraph! It's absolutely true....happens to me all the time! Somehow...I just love airports and airplanes...but only if they're not low fare, cheap ones!

Shimmer said...

Sir! please write a new post :P

-=A.R.N.=- said...


Dude, calm down...and let's keep the f-bomb in check :)
I've never had that experience of that so far, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened with all the media rubbish.

Yeah, and that is one reason I'm saving all my frequent flier miles for an upgrade soon

I hear you!
Thanks for coming back for a new post; made me happy reading that!