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Without saying their names I’d like to mention that as of this morning, five people who I’ve known, personally or otherwise, decided to quit off the blogosphere and delete their blogs.

And I’m not sure if any of those people might be reading this post, but just in case you are, I’ve got just one thing to say to you guys:

You’ve let us down.

“Us” is every single person who ever visited your blog, read your posts and was considerate enough to leave a comment on it.
We did all that because we thought it mattered. We thought it was fascinating to glimpse into your lives and look at that special place where all things suddenly become equal – where you write all those interesting happenings in your life, your poems and creative proses, your dreams and those mad little thoughts, everything that you wanted to share with the world.

Until you decided to shut that door upon us forever.
And I say again: I am disappointed.

To all those ex-bloggers who’ve decided to quit and move on; I wish you all the best for your future pursuits, and I do hope that your life takes on a deeper meaning than it has now.

And on behalf of the community, I’d just like to say that while we will not grieve for you, we will surely miss you!



Anonymous said...


I just got home. Trying to catch up and ... unfortunately finding bad news.

I agree and I feel I've lost a friend when a blogger decides to quit.

But then it's just like the real world... you move from one city to another, make new friends, after a few months/years some of them move on, then a period of time passes you move on etc. etc.

I am also led to think if these quitters are some how under false notions that they "must update regularly or else".

issam said...

ohh... that's really sad news...
I must say with you again.. It's disappointing..

Rayees Ahamed said...

Anywayz it is their decision and their privilege, yet they may not have to delete their blogs

Sheeraz Ahamed Khateeb said...

Totally agreed man, i was seriously disappointed when manasi deleted her blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Mohammed musthafa deleted his blog :(

i join you in saying 'though we might not grieve over you, we'll surely miss you' :(

Anonymous said...
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Mohammed Musthafa said...

Not sure if I am one of the 5 guys who let you down....but jus wanted to let you know Laptop Diary will be reopening on 24th May....hope you'll be reading regularly again...sorry for deleting the blog like tht....realised it wasnt the right thing to do.... (check only on 24th...)

-=A.R.N.=- said...

Walikum Salaam

Yeah, kinda hard when someone quits...even though they maybe having other stuff in their lives going on.
Btw, looks like Firas's quit as well?

yeah; and what makes it more difficult is when it is people you personally know.

Hmm..maybe it is their decision...but it feels bad all the same

-=A.R.N.=- said...

Yeah. Guess she's got issues.

I thought so too...but guess he's back!

-=A.R.N.=- said...

@Mohammed Musthafa

welcome back dude...and as you can see, people did miss you.
Nice to hear Laptop Diary's opening again.
But only by invitation?

Mohammed Musthafa said...

hey...nope...right now i jus put it tht way...but on 24th may it'll be open to all...

Ela said...

Yeap... can understand how u must be feeling... i had that feeling once when one person whose blog i was following just deleted it without any prior information.... just like that gone...
it's their personal decision but as u said it feels bad all the while!

-=A.R.N.=- said...

@Mohammed Musthafa

Oh, okay. Good.


Yeah, and lots of them within a month kinda takes it out on you.

RukmaniRam said...

they did share them all, put it out there.. them deleting their blog doesn't mean they're taking it all back. cut them some slack? :P

-=A.R.N.=- said...


Hmm...maybe I should huh?

Lena said...

ummm.... you know, it always feels sad when someone you have known, read, visited, shared opinions with, decides to quit blogging.
But i wouldnt be that harsh and call it as letting us down.. they might have their own very valid reasons which we might have no idea about :)

And usually they do come back after a while :P

PS: you put my new link wrong in your blogroll :P