The CEO’s Ticket

If Corporate Politics and Mismanagement were an Olympic sport, I guess this incident would probably take the Gold this year.

Some CEO’s stupid e-ticket inadvertently got voided when it was not supposed to and needed to be re-issued manually. Now, things like this happen all the time due to system glitches (this is the part where the guy at the check-in counter gives you a blank look and tells you have to wait for a while because of some ‘computer error’), but anyway, stuff like this happen all the time in a normal working day, to normal folks worldwide.

Unfortunately for us, this time, it had to be a CEO.
As usual, the half the management jumped us and drove us crazy to resolve the issue, but then I wonder:

Do CEOs stand in line at those obnoxious check-in queues and get told, “Sorry mac, but your ticket’s no good” like the rest of us?
What do they do then; call up the office and ask to waitlisted on the next available plane…and then sit at a waiting lounge for their name to be called?
Do they then call up their other CEO buddies and play online Monopoly or something?

Its all good for the imagination, but I’m willing to bet none of the above happened and Mr. CEO probably didn’t even have an idea that something was wrong with his ticket. If anything, he was probably just informed of a ‘small mishap on the system’.

Which means my entire week-long data analysis of what exactly happened to his ticket and the technical reasons for the untimely void, is worth nothing.

The max that can happen is that it ends up as a report on his desk, waiting to be tossed in the trash along with yesterday’s newspaper when Mr. CEO comes back from his trip!


Ela said...

Why?! weekend lae ippadi oru postu?....cheer up....trash all those people and things and enjoy the precious two days of our (the poor working people)life!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I wish you become a CEO soon :D

rahman said...

Unfortunately for me, this had to happen at 4pm on a friday I really couldn't help myself.

Na, I wouldn't think so. I'm not stupid enough to become a CEO

Anonymous said...

lol! But don't say that. You may become one of those smart CEOs some day, insha Allah!

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

heya nice blog, nice post...
will be a regular visitor from now on ;D

ps- chk out my blog tooo when you can

rahman said...

InshaAllah, we'll see.

thx for dropping by...always nice to see a new face!

Jaffer said...

Salaams !
Howz it going ? Nice picture !
I'm glad I never have to deal with any one from the board of directors.
The manager gets enough of that.

Even if I meet the CEO in person I'm careful not to divulge too much information and complain too much.

Because if he gets to know all nitty gritty from a small fry like me, he could ruin everybody else's lives by putting money in the wrong places.

rahman said...


Na, CEOs wouldn't remember stuff you told them anyway. From my interactions I've had with senior management, I've come to the conclusion that most of them know nothing about nothing.
There are exceptions though...they become Richard Bradson :)