Generation 'Why'

Note: This is going to be a controversial issue, so if you don’t like controversies, you’re probably not going to like this. Just a disclaimer before we start.

I don’t watch MTV all that often (heck I don’t even watch much TV anymore but that’s a different story) but being one of only 3 English channels my run-down satellite receiver picks – the rest being in Deutsch, Italiano, Francias and Espanol – I am forced to watch it, especially after a hard day’s work when you don’t feel like touching a computer again.

And apparently MTV wants us to believe that there are only three things worth living for:
The opposite sex.
And more sex.

I don’t mean to advertise, but here’s a list of some popular programs you find…and an explanation of what they’re all about:

1. Next
Five guys competing for one girl (or the other way around) trying to win their hearts (or in any case money – a dollar for every minute you last on the date) before their prospective date ditches them and calls for “next”.

2. Date my Mom
Simply put, this is the most disgusting show I’ve ever seen. Guy wants girl, so he tries to ‘size her up’ by dating her mom to get a feel for what the girl would be like. If he’s lucky, he strikes two.

3. Parental Control
The guy’s folks don’t like his girlfriend (or the other way around with girl’s folks hating her boyfriend) so they decide to ‘find’ someone better and set them up on a date. Two dates later, the guy chooses if he wants to a) switch girls or b) keep his girl or c) ditch them all.

4. A shot at love
This show takes gross to a whole new sick height. Without going into the details, I’d just like to mention that in this show, the term “couple” does not necessarily mean people of the opposite gender…or just ‘two’ people. I leave the rest to your imagination.

5. Flavor of Love
Flavor of sensuality is more like it. This is another sick show where girls attend a ‘school’ where they ‘learn’ the tricks of the trade. You get it, right?

I’ll stop it now.
Reading back at the stuff I’ve written above; it almost sounds like porn. And I really wonder because all this isn’t stuff you get off dirty DVDs; they show this on prime time television all hours of the day (of course after eleven it gets worse…I don’t even wanna write about it)

Which brings me to an important question. Why is all of this happening?
The answer I got was simple: Why not?

Because when you remove the limitations set by God or by society or even by yourself; you don’t even have to answer that question anymore…you don’t have to ask, ‘why’? You just do it.
This is the future:
Generation ‘Why Not’

And it doesn’t look pretty.


Rayees Ahamed said...

aaaha, avlo programs ukkanthu pathu irukinga ???? :D

they wanno make business and that is one of the way to attract youngsters, no matter how could it spoil the society in a long run

in todays scenario every big hospital in banglore recieves three to four unmarried teenage school girl coming for abortion. reference jan 18 2008

why not , is a simple question to ask, but that why not , we never know , how many millions of womb got killed, getting killed and gonna be killed , Wallahu Aálam ... If GOD has restricted it , HE knows the consequences

Arun Sundar said...

That's why I always say Sun TV is the best.

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

Such shows are just SO fake and wannabe-ish. The girls are mostly bimbos. The guys, well.. pathetic retards.
Have you watched Meet or Delete? Tis so silly. Gosh.

Btw, the VJs who host such shows are even worse, I don't know if they're told to behave that way or they're naturally demented. :\

Anonymous said...

You are so right to bring this up.

The increasing immorality and shamelessness should be a reminder that the apocalypse is very near.

@Arun: are you talking of the same Sun TV that broadcasts from Canada ?

Or is there a Tamil Version too ?!

manisha said...

m wid u.....dey r over acotrs...they r paid lots n lots of moolahs 2 make it luk lyk a reality show n all....dnt thnk its realy!!!! evrythng s so vicarious..

rahman said...

Well, in an informative kind of way, yeah :D
But like I said, when ppl remove all laws...they think they can do anything!

Well not exactly the 'best' but compared to all of this nonsense...definitely a zillion times better

@busy writer
Yup...bimbo's probably the word for it. Wonder what you call a guy-bimbo?
Btw, the stuff they show on MTV India is NOTHING compared to the junk they have in India its a bit 'toned down' to fit with Indian Culture.

True...though "apocalypse" is kinda misleading I guess? Let's just stick to "Yaum-al-Khiyama". And btw, I never knew there was a Canadian SunTV as well...although I must say, that's no way related to what arun was talking about..

...and welcome to Random Thoughts.
(Your blog's the same name...i know :)

Alok said...

The audience will receive what it wants to watch. That is the beauty of capitalism.


The fault is not with the media, but with the self.

manisha said...

wie geht es dir???? :)

well dat piece u sent me as a coment, who wrote it???

it ws beautiful, so asked:)

Vielen Dank.

rahman said...

True...and that's exactly where the problem is. When people remove all restrictions, every "Why" becomes a "Why not".

Ich bin gut, Danke...Du hast mein tag gemacht!

Actually, I didn't think it was all that good really - something that was thought of in like 10minutes...and written by yours truly :)

Lena said...

you know people get what they want and seems like today's generation wants exactly this. Whose fault it is? Nobody knows and yet everyone does. New world, new society, new priorities... new people .. With such tv i am better off it.. the only thing am watching now is Euro 2008. :)

manisha said...

ah dats ur opinion...i loved it!!!!

Hari Vishnu said...

hmm its probably cos generation-ne'xxx't wants it that they're giving it.. like the others before me have put..
i totally pity you man, having to watch only mtv.. i'd rather watch soaps nowadays now that ipl is over.. and ofcourse, as lena mentioned, euro 2008 has started..

Preeti said...

Hopped in and found this interesting and decided to leave a comment...

These days more than feeling the 'generation gap' with my parents, i feel it with 'kids' 4-5 years younger than not too old (i reckon we'r juz abt the same age) and the opposite sex is all they know and wanna know..When and where what happned, i have no clue, but suddenly evrything has changed...

Ur rite...the programs on MTV there r certainly way above in crazy content than the one in India, but it's bad enough really...Like busygurl said -meet or delete...i havent seen a more 'kodumaiyana' program than that...and then all those get gorgeous, teen queen blah blah...Oh man!

Alok said...


To me, that is not a problem.

It's about values. If someone says "Why not?" and goes ahead and does something that is wrong, he/she will face repercussions of it. Thus, they will automatically learn, and start trusting themselves better.

If we go ahead and regulate freedom, people will forget to trust themselves.

I feel that the beauty of Capitalism is itself evident when someone asks, "Why not?" and takes a risk. That is the way things are invented, that is the way we explore and advance.

rahman said...

Thx for dropping by..
And you're right, new societies, new priorities...but surely everyone's got something more on their minds?


LOL at generation-ne'xxx't

Hey, thx for dropping by!
Agreed...and like Lena said, its all about new societies and new priorities; although I wish someone would change some of them

rahman said...

Actually I said this was gonna be a contraversial issue, and so far, I hadn't seen any...
Anyway, "values" isn't something inherent like instincts far as I'm concerned, values come to us in one of two ways: religion, or culture. And its not a value if there's a law against it.
For instance, to say, "as per my ethics, I don't rob banks" not a value because robbing banks end you in jail.

But to say, "as per my ethics, I respect people elder than me" is a value because you don't get fined for not doing it.
And once you throw away all our ties to culture and religion, you can question, "Can I dis-respect elder people?" and then the "Why not?" follows.
"Can I have sex out on the streets?"...why not?
"Can I blatantly lie abt my life to everyone I speak"...why not?
"Can I make out with my ex-girlfriend while dating her sister?"...why not?

I guess its not a matter of freedom dude.
Some things deserve a "why not"...especially when it comes to science and business; but in many cases, I guess capitalism doesn't give a thumbs up to society.
Lemme know what you think

Rayees Ahamed said...

i agree with rahman

@alok, who to blame for the wide spread killing of millions of wombs ?

again as rahman mentioned, why not kill them :)