Dead by the beach

On a lovely sunny Friday morning on the 9th of June, 2006 a Palestinian family went on a picnic to the beach. They had nice food and games planned for the day. What they didn't plan on was ending up dead.

Dad and the kids were playing by the sea when all of a sudden a huge blast rocked the golden sands. For some of the kids, it was the last thing they ever heard. Mom rushed over in a frenzy as her entire family fell around her dead or dying. Coast gaurd and other people rushed in to help but it was alreadt too late for 3 of her children. Dad and rest of the people injured were rushed to nearby hospitals; aid poured in from other poeple around; but the damage was done. Official sources put the toll at 7, including 3 children; but of course, we know how 'official' figures are done. More than 35 people ended up in hospitals, many were children.

Some people recover, some die, some lose entire families in an instant, some get killed on their way to school; or work, or simply sitting at home doing nothing. The international community 'condemns' this; Israeli Army 'investigates' this; the United Nations ignore.

Life goes on...